Ieoh Ming Pei Wore A Perfect Fake Omega Constellation Watch UK For His Whole Life

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Ieoh Ming Pei with both Bachelor of Architecture of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University passed away on May 16. It is the loss of international architecture filed. His masters include East Building of National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., extension project of Louvre, Paris, Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel, Hongkong Bank of China Building, Suzhou Museum and so on. The great master was used to wearing fine replica watch.

However, we noticed that he just wore one piece of watch for over half of century- that is famous copy Omega Constellation watch. This series was born in 1952, which was the first series of Omega that has the cerfitication of COSC.

This series has high recognition because its dial is not flat or curved but bending which is called “Pie Pan Dial”. Besides, there is one star on the dial at 6 o’clock and there are 8 stars on the back, which is designed to commemorate the achievements during the 8 years.

The superb replica Omega watch of Ieoh Ming Pei is made from gold and steel and matched with brown alligator leather strap.