Introducing The Development History Of UK Replica Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M Watches

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The most important models of Omega this year must be the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M. The brand has updated the iconic models from interior to exterior. But do you know the development history of the popular copy watches?

In 1948, Omega wanted to create the water resistant wristwatches on basis of he experience of making waterproof watches for British Army during the Second World War. Finally, the Seamaster collection was born. The Ref. CK 2518 and Ref. CK 2577 released at that time were water resistant to the depth of 60 meters.

The old version of Omega Seamaster 300 M featured the aluminium bezel.
Gradient Blue Dial Copy Omega

In 1957, Omega launched three models to meet the requirements of professional watches from the customers, which still have great influence nowadays. They were Speedmaster, Railmaster and Seamaster 300. In 1993, Omega released the Seamaster 300 M. It’s worth noting that although it originated from Seamaster 300, they were actually different from each other. Seamaster 300 was water resistant to a depth of 200 meters while Seamaster 300 M is to 300 meters.

The three old generations of Seamaster 300 M are all designed with the 41mm cases.
41 MM Omega Seamaster Replica Watches Old Versions

From 1993 to 2017, automatic fake Omega Seamster 300 M has experienced three times of modifications.

  • The first generation (1993-2006)

During this period, the Seamaster featured the aluminium bezel and 41 mm stainless steel case. The movement was developed on basis of  calibre ETA2892.

  • The second generation (2006-2012)

The models of Seamaster during this period had still been assembled with aluminium bezel and 41 mm steel case. However, the movement had been changed to the co-axial version which was developed on basis of ETA2892 too.

  • The third generation (2012-2017)

The bezel of Omega imitation watch with stainless steel case has been changed to the ceramic version during this period and the movement is still the co-axial version.

The new model of Seamaster 300M released this year has updated a lot.
Stainless Steel Bracelets Imitation Omega

This year, Omega has updated a lot on models which are the fourth generation of Seamaster 300 M. The diameter has been increased from 41 mm to 42mm and the dial has been adorned with the waved pattern now. The shape of helium escape valve has been changed too. What’s more, the movement has been exchanged with the extraordinary calibre 8800 which is developed and manufactured by Omega.