My Collection – Memorable Replica Omega Speedmaster F1 Schumacher Special Edition UK

Omega Replica Perfect Replica Watches Speedmaster Replica

Omega Speedmaster fake watch with black dial is meaningful to me for it was the given by my father as a gift to me ten years ago, meanwhile, it was my first wristwatch. He went to Switzerland on business and chose this significant model for me. It will be maintained well to preserve the better appearance in future.

The red elements on the dial are paying tribute to Schumacher 's Ferrari.
Stainless Steel Bracelet Replica Omega Watch

I am a person who yearns much for space. Speedmaster collection has a close relationship with moon landing and the legendary story is really attractive to me. The Omega copy with stainless steel case is really appealing to me.

The silver sub-dials are striking to the black background.
Black Bezel Imitation Omega Speedmaster

This timepiece was especially created to pay tribute to Schumacher, the legendary F1 driver, The red hands and hour markers are saluting to Schumacher’s Ferrari. Blending the F1 theme and moon watch, this Omega is very precious. My father was so intelligent to buy this timepiece at that time even though he didn’t know it was the Schumacher special edition. What this luxury knockoff timepiece means to me is not the price or the rarity, but the story about it.