Newest Omega Seamaster Copy Watches UK With Black And White Bezels Of Good Quality

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Omega Seamaster fake watches with black dials are driven by 8906 Calibre, self-winding mechanical co-axial movements with free-sprung balances. They can support GMT and time zone functions. They can resist the strong magnetic fields within 15,000 gauss and be winding automatically in both directions. The power reserve is 60 hours.


The diameter of steel cases is 43.5mm. The hour markers are white indexes and Arabic numbers. There is a date aperture at 3 o’clock. The central three luminescent hands show the hour, minute and second. The other hand in the center is used for GMT functions. The ceramic bezels in black and white are firstly used in Omega copy watches that can distinguish the day and night. The bezels with black and white numbers can be rotated unidirectionally.


They are waterproof to 600m, so they are equipped with helium escape valves. Omega replica watches with black leather straps have transparent backs show the running movements. The innovative designs of bezels are very unique and distinctive. The copy watches with reliable functions and ingenious designs would be great in demand.