Seamaster Diver 300m ETNZ Chronograph

Seamaster Replica

For 20 years, omega supports the emirates team new zealand (etnz), regularly to the america’s cup, the oldest sailing race in the world compete. in his honor, the swiss brand launched a new chronographen. the cheap replica seamaster diver 300m etnz chronograph has a 44 millimeter big housing brushed titanium with a helium discharge valve at ten o’clock: it is integrated the control for the datumsschaltung.

Omega: Seamaster Diver 300m ETNZ ChronographThe bezel is made of black pottery, and one-sided rotatable and carries a durchskalierte tauchskala. the grey dial offers space for three hilfszifferblätter: at three o’clock is the minutenzähler of stoppers, an additional red marker for five minutes before the start of a regatta countdown shows. other red accents set clock, hour counter at six o’clock and the red small numbers of stoppsekunden on zifferblattrand. the drive of the automatic caliber 3330 with co – axial inhibition and silicon spiralfeder. suitable for water sports, the 6300 euros watch with a black kautschukband faltschließe worn.