The Classic UK Replica Omega Speedmaster Ref.2915-2 Chronograph Will Be Auctioned At Christie’s

Omega Replica Perfect Replica Watches Speedmaster Replica

The Omega Speedmaster Ref.2915 with a ultra thin case was auctioned with a high price, breaking the record earlier this year. The model that will be sold is Ref.2915-2 which is with the more classic appearance and vintage style. However, the exterior of the vintage fake Omega Speedmaster is too old, which means that the estimated value will be lower.

The Omega Speedmaster is very old, which means that the estimate price will not be high.
Stainless Steel Case Fake Omega Ref.2915-2

In addition to the central seconds hand that was later replaced, the dial and hands of the black dial copy Omega are original. The standard “Base 1000” bezel has been with high value although it was scratched very seriously.

The legendary story will attract lots of watch lovers too.
Stainless Steel Bracelet Imitation Omega Speedmaster

The model provides an excerpt from the Omega Museum, which shows that it was produced in 1958 and was sold in Taiwan. The estimated price was 70,000 to 120,000 dollars. Although it was very old, the legendary history and classic appearance of this timepiece will also attract lots of watch lovers and collectors.