The Present For My 30th Birthday – New UK Omega Seamaster Replica Watch With Gray Dial

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I will be 30 years old after Nov.11. It is important for men as it is also a new starting point to strive for a new life. So I plan to buy myself a new wristwatch to celebrate and commemorate this meaningful birthday. After seeing so many timepieces, the first choice in my mind is the new automatic copy Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M.

The dial has been adorned with the laser-engraved waved pattern to pay tribute to the original Seamaster Diver watch.
Stainless Steel Case Omega Knockoff

After briefly talking with the sales, then I try a blue dial model and a gray one, finding that the gray dial fake Omega is more suitable for me. But I didn’t make the decision at that moment. Then I tried some models of other different brands, however, finding no one is better than Seamaster. So finally, I went there to get my first Seamaster next day.

The strap could also be exchanged with a stainless steel bracelet to sport another different style.
Blue Rubber Strap Omega Seamaster Imitation

In fact, IWC Portugieser is another choice for me and I have paid a lot attention on its information for a long time. However, my final choice is Seamaster as the price is suitable for me now. IWC Portugieser maybe my next purchase in future. Choosing a good wristwatch that you like and you can afford is a happy thing and please don’t hesitate. If you like it, just buy it, own it. Really hope everyone will get the wristwatch they are fond of.