UK Fake Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep Professional Diving Watches Are Water Resistant To 15,000 meters

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Last year, the adventurer Victor Viskovo drove “Limiting Factor” to dive into the bottom of Mariana Trench, creating the deep diving record in the world with the extraordinary 10,925 meters. The extraordinary Omega Seamaster replica watches participated in the project and witnessed the new world’s record. Finally, they returned safely without any damage.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is robust and light.
Robust Fake Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep

In fact, before the Ultra Deep professional diving watch participated in the expedition, it has passed the pressure test of the Triton Sub factory in Barcelona already. The Omega copy watch with black dial still maintained good performance in the pressure test of 15,000 meters. 

The case is very thick as it is water resistant to a depth of 15,000 meters.
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Victor Viskovo has highly praised this model: Omega creates a prominent deep sea professional diving watch. It looks distinctive, meanwhile, it is robust, durable but very light. The perfect imitation watch adopts various techniques of deep sea diving and it is especially designed to withstand the tremendous pressure of deep diving.